Residents responsible for the upkeep of their property should read the Fifth Schedule of the Rentcharge Deed (a copy of which is available in the “General” sub-section here).

Under the terms of the Deed, residents are required to notify the Managing Agent in advance of any applications they make for planning permission.

Residents will also need the Triangle Amenity’s permission for any changes to their property that are either externally visible or involve erecting a new structure.

The following guidelines outline resident’s maintenance obligations and the Board’s terms of reference for authorising any works:

Download the Maintenance and Planning Guidelines [here…]

The guidelines also contain details of the associated application process and costs

Finally, tradesmen accessing the Garden or Roadway will generally be required to make a deposit. Further details are available from the Managing Agent. The deposit should be made using the following form:

Download Tradesmen Deposit Form [here….]