Dear Triangle Garden Residents

First and foremost we hope that you are keeping safe and well through these difficult times.  It is good to be part of our small community and support each other through this.

We have been asked by residents about various aspects of policy with respect to the garden and – based on the current governmental guidance – we are pleased to confirm the following:

  1. The garden remains fully open for use of the Triangle Garden’s residents and we appreciate the importance this garden access has for many people and their families.
  2. We would ask everyone who uses the garden to observe social distancing from each other.
  3. We also request at this time that no guests are brought into the garden which should be used solely by residents and their families
  4. Please can you ensure that you thoroughly wipe down the surfaces of garden equipment and furniture after use.
  5. Please ensure toys and equipment are removed from the garden after use in accordance with the garden rules.
  6. Finally please do continue to use the garden in accordance with the garden rules which are there for the benefit of all residents.

In the event that official guidance changes and we need to make any changes to the above we will let you know.

We would also like to advise that if anyone needs any extra assistance (for example if you are elderly and staying at home and / or self quarantining and need help with food deliveries or anything else) do feel free to email us and we will work on finding someone to help you out.   One of our committee members has also kindly sent through the following details for group for help.


There is a vacancy on the board. If you are interested in joining the board and can commit to attending 5 meetings per year as well as taking responsibility for various tasks that may be required from board members, please email with your name, address and a bit about yourself including an indication of the contribution you could make to the work of the board.

Directorship Rotation

Dear Shareholders,
You may recall our letter of 27 March 2018 in which we advised you of the Board’s decision to adopt a voluntary process for rotation of directors of Triangle Amenity Limited.
Since then, two small changes have been made to deal with unintended consequences of the initial wording previously circulated. These are:
 The initial wording would have allowed (in certain circumstances) the automatic appointment of directors who have been approved neither by the Board nor by the shareholders. This would have been contrary to the articles of Triangle and also to good governance.
 There was no protection of the position of anyone serving a trial period as an observer at Board meetings, in that the vacancy they were intended to fill could be taken by a nominated candidate appointed during the trial period. This would have been manifestly unfair to the observer, and would undermine the processes which have been in place for some years following a survey of shareholders.
Accordingly the Board have revised the Rotation Mechanism to correct these issues, and a copy of the revised version is attached to this letter.
We would also take this opportunity to notify you (for the purpose of the Rotation Mechanism) that the General Meeting this year will take place on 16 October 2018 at a venue to be determined, and which will be notified to you when the formal notice of the meeting with agenda and supporting papers are issued.
Please note that:
1. As the longest serving director, Robbie Rogers will be retiring under the Rotation Mechanism.
2. Regina Boet is serving a trial period as an observer, which will expire after the General Meeting at which time a decision will be made as to her appointment as a director. In the meantime, no other person can be appointed to the vacancy which she will fill if appointed.
3. The last day on which nominations for any vacancies as director can be made is 18 September 2018.

Rotation Mechanism

Roadway wall survey results

Dear Shareholders and Residents

We wanted to provide you with an update on the Roadways Wall Survey that we asked residents about in our letter of 11’th April 2018.

Firstly before we get to the results, a big thank you to all of those who took time to respond as we really appreciate your feedback and participation in the activities being undertaken by the board.

Now to the results, these have been detailed out below for your information purposes, but it is apparent that the overwhelming majority of respondents voted in favour of Option 2 which was the Indent Option allowing the preservation of the mature lyme trees.

Consequently the directors are now undertaking more detailed discussions with contractors and professionals over the coming months to finalise the project and will be happy to provide a further update during the forthcoming General Meeting which we will write to you about nearer the time.

Breakdown of the results :

Below you’ll find the results of the roadway survey which can be summarised as follows:

By Individual Flat Owner or Tenant:

Option 1 – Replace Option 2 – Indent No Strong views
All responses 12 35 3
Contributing Roadway responses * 10 21 1

‘ * 26 – 54 Clifton Gardens

By Freeholder (with no. votes per house as per voting rights)

Option 1 – Replace Option 2 – Indent No Strong views
All responses 5 24 2
Contributing Roadway responses * 4 10 0

‘ * 26 – 54 Clifton Gardens

We have also set out below the results in percentage form:

  • Individual response basis – entire garden – roughly 75% in favour of option 2
  • Individual response basis – contributing roadway only – roughly 66% in favour of option 2
  • Freeholder basis – entire garden – roughly 85% in favour of option 2
  • Freeholder basis – contributing roadway only – roughly 70% in favour of option 2

Once again thank you for those of you that complete the  survey.

Clifton Gardens Wall Project

Please follow the link to a covering letter from the directors of Triangle Amenity Limited along with explanation letters relating to two options for works to the wall at the front of 26-54 Clifton Gardens which is part of the Triangle Amenity.

Roadway Wall Cover Letter 11.04.18

Explanation Letter for Option 1 April 2018

Option 1 Plans

Explanation Letter for Option 2 April 2018

Directorship Rotation

Please find attached a letter from the board of directors regarding rotation of the board.

Rotation March 2018


Lauren Rivlin has been a director of Triangle Amenity for several years and has now decided to step down due to family commitments. The board would like to thank Lauren for all her hard work. For those of you who don’t know, Lauren has been organising the summer parties in the garden as well as updating the garden website and communications.

With Lauren’s departure it means that there is now a vacancy on the board. If you are interested in joining the board and can commit to attending 5 meetings per year as well as the time to organise events and work on the garden newsletter, then please email

before 1st March 2018 with your name, address and a bit about yourself. In the interest of keeping a balanced representation of residents on the board, we would ideally like to hear from residents with young children, however, this does not exclude any other interested parties.

Anyone wishing to join the board and who put themselves forward before 1st March will be interviewed by the existing board.


Triangle Garden Newsletter Spring 2017:

Please click on the link below:

Triangle Garden newsletter spring 2017



The committee is conducting a survey on rotation of directors and has written to each freeholder on the subject. If you are a leaseholder of your house please contact your directors or managing agent if you would like to give input to the question.

The committee would also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Festive Holiday.


We have received news of a conman in the area who conned one of our neighbours in Clifton Gardens out of £200.

The man (possibly dutch) drives a grey Merc E class with dutch plates – left hand drive.  He is about 5Ft 6”, stocky, late 40s or 50s with chunky hands.

He claimed to be an architect from no. 38 basement flat.  He sold cutlery, pots and pans and a table to a neighbour, saying that they had been over ordered – turned out they were low quality.

Number plate – 8TLR84. This happened on Thursday 25th August at lunch time.

We have also received reports that he has been asking contractors how long their scaffolding is up on buildings.

Even if your building doesn’t have scaffolding on it, please take care not to leave windows and doors unlocked even if you are at home.

If you see this man or his car, then call the police.


One of the Triangle Amenity Board directors has recently stepped down and we are looking for new candidates. We will be talking informally to residents who have previously shown an interest in this role, but if you would like to have an informal chat with a Board Director, please contact Aaron at Westbourne Estates:  We are particularly interested in finding someone with young children who would be willing to organise social activities in the garden.

Re-graveling of the Garden Pathways

Works to remove and replace the existing gravel will begin on Monday 6th June. The works are expected to take around 2 weeks to complete weather permitting. During the first two days of this project it will not be possible to enter the garden through the main garden entrance on Randolph Crescent and down the ramp. If you wish to use the garden in these first few days then you’ll need to enter the garden through the gate besides No.29 Randolph Avenue. Your garden key will operate both entrances. From Wednesday 8th June you will be able to enter the garden through the main gate but you will no longer be able to access the garden through the Randolph Avenue entrance until the start of the following week whilst work takes place around that part of the garden.

During these works the contractors will be using and storing machinery in and around the garden. We strongly recommend that all children are accompanied by an adult at times in the garden during these works. The equipment will be stored inside the entrance of the main garden gate and again we ask that you ensure that your children are kept away from this area for the duration of the works.

For those with direct access from private gardens on to the communal garden, whilst the gravel removal takes place at the rear of your garden, you will not be able to use your direct access into the garden and therefore you will need to use one either the Randolph Avenue or Randolph Crescent entrances.

We hope these necessary works do not cause too much disruption.


This year’s EGM will take place on Tuesday 15th September 2015 at 7pm.  The meeting will be held at The Warrington Pub.  All residents and freeholders are welcome.


For security reasons the locks to the pedestrian gates leading into the Triangle Garden will be changed on Sunday 7th June 2015.

New keys will be available at the locations at the times set out below:

* At Westbourne Block Management’s office from Thursday 4th June 2015 during the working week by appointment only. Please call 0203 626 0094 to arrange an appointment.

* Inside the main garden entrance next to 26 Randolph Crescent

on Sunday 7th June 2015 from 14:00 – 17:00.

To collect your new key you need to:

  1.  Produce Photo ID and matching proof of residence e.g. a recent utility bill.
  2. Read and sign the garden rules.
  3. Bring along your old key. Without your old key we will be unable to issue you with a new key.
  4. If you do not have a key but are eligible for one, please provide a cheque payable to Triangle Amenity Ltd for £60, of which £10 is non-refundable.

It is your responsibility to ensure that everyone who uses the key is aware of and adheres to the garden rules.

You must not give or lend the key to anyone outside your household or to any builder, scaffolder or contractor. For further information please check the garden website:
Any breach of the garden rules could lead to the confiscation of your key.
Please feel free to contact Westbourne Block Management if you have any questions.

Our next general meeting will be held in September 2015. Details to follow.

8th November 2014

The Crescent Garden has once again invited The Triangle Amenity to their annual Bonfire Night celebration on Saturday the 8th of November. Ticket information to follow.

13th October 2014

The Triangle Amenity’s next general meeting will take place on Monday the 13th of October at 7pm at The Warrington Pub.  All residents are welcome to attend.

14th September, 2014

An invitation to the End of Summer Concert, featuring music from recording jazz artist Hailey Tuck. The invitation is downloadable here.

8th May, 2013
An invitation to the Children’s Tea Party, including puppet show, on 2nd June has been circulated to residents by email. That invitation can be found here. The email also included an update regarding roadway parking enforcement. A copy of the email is here.

3rd March, 2013
Various garden notices, including details on tree pruning and security were distributed to the mailing list. A copy of the email can be found here. The email also contained a save the date card for two events this summer. See here. The first event is a Children’s Tea Party on 2nd June. The second event will be an Adult Wine Party on 8th September.

If you are not on the email distribution and would like to be, please email  Please include your name and address.